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Recyle Reuse Eco Friendly

Go Green Recycle Environmental Friendly

What does it all mean?

Lets start with what is our goal, our end game so to speak.  Planet earth has a limited amount of resources.  Perhaps other planets in our solar system hav resources we can use, but getting to them is a long way off.  If we could get to those other planets and resources tehy too would have a limited supply, so in sume rerspects it doesn't matter.  Personally I want to make the resources we have available last as long as we can and get the most out of them.  We need to get more bang for our buck.  I would love it if I could go a longer distance in my car on a gallon of gas.  When you go to the grocery store it seems more and more people are taking advantage of the reusable grocery totes.  Most households have multiple garbage cans, one for garbage, one for glass and cans, maybe one for cardboard.  I think we are all making a effort to do things a little bit better.

I don't know about you but all the reusing, recyle, etc.. I find it rather boring.  I want to live on a green planet but some of that stuff is just not exciting.  Ever since I was a young boy (long time ago) I built things.  I like to make things.  I had a erector  set growing up and it was cool.  Later I had Legos, then Lincoln logs, all good stuff.  Now in my spare time i build furniture, it is my therapy.  In the spring there is something else I like to build, or should i say plant.  Everytime you plant something you are helping the environment.  Plat a tree, plat some wildfolwers, or a vegetable garden.  If you live in a area similar to where I live you can plant a nice vegetable garden and in a few weeks start to see the plants come out of the ground.  When you are just about ready to get the vegetables out of the garden, the night before you go out the deer, a groundhog, or maybe rabbits will help themselves and take everything.  It can be a bit frstrating, but what the heck they have to eat to.

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