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Embossed Padfolios

Custom Printed Leather Embossed Padfolio

A quality leather embossed padfolio gives its holder a certain aura.  As a vital business accessory, it’s a daily staple that proclaims to the world: I’ve got it together.  I’m prepared and professional, ready to take on the world.  Truly, the padfolio is as much a part of the work “uniform” as a suit, tie and collar stays.  It’s a necessary accessory.  And it’s one that never goes out of style.

Take the typical padfolio from bland to beautiful by custom-printing a tasteful logo and/or individual name on its cover.  The added touch takes the look from “together” to “personalized,” and lends a sense of uniqueness to the tool.  Walking around town with a padfolio that’s uniquely theirs, a recipient is now consistently identified.  Whether your aim is to have them identified with your brand or their own name is up to you.  Of course, you may always choose to include both. 

A custom-printed embossed leather padfolio shows major donors they’re valued.  It reminds valued clients of your organization on a daily basis, and labels members of a trade group or school district.  It inspires unity.   And with so many different types to choose from, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find one to fit your audience.

There’s the small, the large, the zippered, the fold-over.  All-purpose padfolios chock-full of every feature, from solar calculator to organic paper and multiple pen holder.  Even select a completely “green” padfolio to highlight your organization’s eco-consciousness.

You’ll find them all at Newton Screen Printing, your padfolio source.  Contact us today.


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Embossed Padfolio

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