Happy Campers go 4-H

Hi Frank-

Here are our staff photos – feel free to link through to our website or blog. Info wise “L.G. Cook

Happy campers

4-H Club Campers

4-H Camp is an overnight summer camp in Stokes Forest, offering the classic American summer camping experience to all youth, ages 8-16.”

Let me know if there’s anything else I cans end your way,


Ben Clawson
Program Director
Lindley G. Cook 4-H Camp
100 Struble Road
Branchville, NJ 07826
clawson@njaes.rutgers.edu / summercampben@gmail.com
p 973.948.3550 ext 21
f 973.948.0735

Summer Camp

School CAmp

Happy Campers

Meant to send you a picture over the summer. Here is a pic of the last day of our summer camp. The kids (and parents) absolutely loved the backpacks and collapsible water bottles. Thank for great products as usual. Best Regards, Melanie S., Kinnelon Recreation Director

Motorcycle Rally

Sturgiss ride

Sturgiss ride

Hi Frank,

Thank you for the follow up. We were absolutely satisfied with the shirts, cubes and your willingness to work with us on the small quantities. We will definitely get you some pics of the crew in their shirts at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally next week.

Thanks again, Frank

We make mistakes, Ouch

Embroidered Logo

Proof for Dress shirts and Polo shirts

Well it’s true we make mistakes.  We try very hard not to mess things up, but it does happen.  Everything we do is custom.  Everything we sell is made specifically for each individual customer.  We don’t sell anything that we just go pull off a shelf.  For that reason we have the opportunity to make mistakes.  The question becomes what do you do when you make a mistake.  It is very simple for us.  We make a mistake we fix it, no questions asked.  We are not in business for a quick hit.  We have been doing this for over 35 years, it is much easier to accept when you make a mistake, fix it, and move on.

in a effort to avoid mistakes we send a order confirmation for the customer to approve before we start.  The confirmation spells out sizes, colors, quantity, price, shipping and billing address.  Once the confirmation is set we send a virtual proof of the product with your design on it to make sure it will look the way you expect it to look.  Once the design is approved we go into production.  After all that we can still have a misstep, when we do we fix it.

It’s the people not the stuff

This week I was prompted to make this comment to a long time customer after receiving her note about appreciating our service and long creative relationship. I realized that’s a pretty weird comment for someone in my industry to make (The Promotional Products industry often referred to as chachka, swag, freebies or giveaways…)
So I started thinking about it more seriously. I looked back over some of our recent orders.
Staff shirts for Straight and Narrow (A rehab program for drug and alcohol addicts)

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities

T shirts for Little Britches Theraputic Riding 5K participants (Horseback riding for physically handicapped kids)

Little Britches riding club

Little Britches riding club

Passaic County Technical Institute State Championship Bowling Jackets (For the hard working talented winners)

Passaic Tech Bowling Champs

Passaic Tech Bowling Champs

Pope John Alumni Golf Outing participant gifts (Supporting the
Shirts for both Summer Camp Staff and campers (so everybody feels like part of the team and can be easily identified wherever they go)
Uniform shirts for restaurants, landscapers, and other staff
(So customers easily identify help and workers look professional.)
Dog bowls for an animal health center. (To promote healthy feeding of pets)

STUFF. Stuff . STUFF . and more Stuff.
But not really.
The Stuff helped to show appreciation, recognition, participation and concern for others and their pets.
My personal interactions with people when working on these projects often leave me thinking how really good people are, how hard we all try to make some difference, to say thanks, or to say what you do is valuable or say hey! this needs your attention. So sometimes stuff is just stuff. But sometimes it’s a whole lot more.
written by Paula Lavorgna, Founder owner of Newton Screen Printing

Salvation Army Reunion

Salvation Army

Salvation Army

June 12, 2015

Here is a photo from our reunion, with everyone wearing our Newton Screen shirts! They were a big hit and we will be doing a reorder soon. The occasion was the 47th Reunion of The Salvation Army’s Evangelists session, held at Camp Allegheny in the Pittsburgh area. The time together was surely a blessing for all involved.
Through the years I have been blessed by my association with your company, and especially by what has become a friendship with Paula. She has always given that personal touch, and has been willing to work with me on some unusual projects. I have learned to depend on the quality and timeliness of service, which has brought me back through various appointments and situations. In many ways, Paula, her helpers, and your company have been a part of our ministry. The unity and clarity of vision expressed by shirts and imprinted gifts has been an integral part of our work. Thank you.
Hollie Ruthberg
Major, The Salvation Army