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12 Promotional Printed badges

Promotional Printed Badges To Advertise


Promotional printed badges, pin buttons and customized lanyards are the most ideal promotional giveaways that can go along with your products, fund raising programs and other club or organizational activities because of their cost-effective features and high impact to the recipients.

Custom printed name badges, colorful lanyards, label pin buttons and other metal name tags made from various metal finishes like gold, silver, bronze and other metal components are widely popularized due to their classic and elegant presentation they give to every wearer.

There are also different kinds of promotional printed badges being sold in the market for your preference. Among these types of badges, the following are the most ordered customized badges:

-        Personalized ID badges

These personalized ID badges are commonly referred as company badges, printed name plates or name tags to major companies who have large number of employees. These personalized ID badges are used for their identification needs wherein their names, personal details in case the ID badge got lost as well as the company’s logo or slogan is also imprinted.


-        Colored printed pin buttons

These the trendiest types of personalized badges because you can choose from a variety of colors and designs to make them more appealing to your targeted audience. They can be worn or pinned on things like bags for that more fashionable look or personal statement.


-        Metallic printed badges

These are high-end customized badges because of their metallic material finish. If you want to impress your corporate executive clients, why not give personalized metallic printed badges with die cast imprints, embossed photos or accessorized with colorful stones to ensure they won’t be shy in wearing them.


-        Window printed badges

These badges are increasingly gaining popularity among various events like club meetings, seminars and conferences because they allow the host to do the typing or printing of the names of his/her guest and just inserting them on their individual window printed badge and still provide a uniformed look among your attendees or a source of identification.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of which type of personalized printed badge or custom button to use for your particular event or recipient, here are the 5 amazing places where these customized printed badges could make a difference for your advertising concerns:

1.     Tradeshows

Attending tradeshows is one perfect venue to hand out personalized pin badges, pin badge buttons or colorful personalized lanyards showing off your company’s logo or slogan. Some serious marketers even attach these customized printed badges along with their product promotions and other promotional items to increase the chance of the client’s interest or curiosity.


2.     Mini concerts

If your company is sponsoring a mini concert in your local community, colored printed badges with your company’s name or logo would surely create a stir among the crowd goers and provide an impressive view to your company’s credibility and overall standing in the business.


3.     Organizations

To showcase uniformity or a certain degree of camaraderie, clubs, groups and other organizations create their own official personalized printed badges as their club’s identity or trademark to distinguish them from other groups where their logo, symbol or personalized message is emphasized on each printed badge created. A good example of this official printed badge is from a well-know sport club wherein all members are being offered to buy the official badge that will represent them as part of that league like the basketball followers.


4.     Schools

Most schools, universities and other community colleges produce their own personalized ID badges, but some use custom-made lanyards for purpose of identification, unity or oneness as an educational institution. Some schools even have yearly limited edition custom printed badges, button pins or name tags to commemorate an important event or occasion or use them as part of their souvenirs or memorabilia gifts for upcoming events like graduation.


5.     Companies

Another great venue where you constantly see almost everyone wearing a customized name badge, ID name badge or printed lanyard is within the office area or company building. Most employers prefer and require the wearing of a uniformed ID name tag, personalized name badge with an attached colorful lanyard with their employees as part of their uniform or office attire.

Whatever is your main reason for giving out promotional printed badges, pin buttons or colored printed lanyards, get a reliable promotional product supplier who is fully experienced and equipped with top performing badge or button maker tools for all your personalized badge orders.

Remember, these customized badges will be the center of attraction as they are to be worn by your target recipients, so make sure your printed badge designs or preferred prints will surely make a standout among a huge crowd or onlookers.

Let every printed badge or pin button recipient be a proud wearer of your marketing message, slogan or company’s logo. Carry on with your advertising plans with greater confidence and success by using personalized badges, printed pin buttons or colored printed lanyards for a more unique approach.


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