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Art Guidelines

Brief Guide to Submitting Artwork to Newton Screen

The following is a brief guide to submitting usable art work for screen printing, embroidery or on a promotional item.  In some cases you might not have this type of artwork on hand but if you have an idea, a concept or just drawing,  we would be happy to create it for you with the assistance of your salesperson and the art department.

Screen printing, embroidery or promotional products:
Supplying a vector graphic file is best.  These are files that are shapes representing images in computer graphics.  

These file types are acceptable:

-Illustrator CS3 files(AI vector) or earlier.
-EPS(vector)- perferably sent as a Stuffed or Zipped file as to avoid email corruption.

Non vector art will almost always need to be redrawn or converted to vector art.  Raster files (i.e. Photoshop CS3 and below or TIFF files) are also acceptable in some cases but must be 300 dpi resolution at full print size.  If you do not have a high resolution image, our talented art department can recreate your logo or imagery for our particular needs.  Our hourly art charge is $40.

Documents with art in Powerpoint, Word ect. usually present problems with resolution and quality and are therefore highly discouraged.

Things to keep in mind:

-If you are supplying vector art please make sure any fonts used have also been converted into vector format as well, otherwise you will need to include the font .

-If you are aware of what PMS (Pantone Matching System) color(s) you would like to use or would like to choose colors to be consistently applied to your design please discuss it with your salesperson.  We will help you choose PMS colors or match the colors you already have.  Please be aware that onscreen color representation of a color is not always accurate.  Choosing PMS color(s) will allow a consistent or similar color to be applied across the board on most of the products you can put your logo on.  

Embroidery - Art for embroidery can be supplied as a JPEG or of any of the files listed above. Any lettering must be at least .25 inches high and preferably san-serif. However we will have to digitize your logo, imagery or message to determine stitch count or amount of thread used.  

When in doubt please call your salesperson 973.827.2006 or contact the art department at 973.827.2006 ext. 25


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