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Art Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are acceptable art files?

When submitting artwork to Newton Screen Art Department, the files we prefer to recieve vector artwork files, which end in .ai, zipped .eps, or some .pdf files.  Artwork submitted as vector art makes the art process easier and most of the time faster to help keep your order on track and printed sooner.  We will accept .jpg, .tiff or Photoshop CS5 files or lower, but this artwork will most likely have to be redrawn to be made into vector art and will be more time consuming.  Please avoid sending any Microsoft related files (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc).  Please review our Art Guidelines page to make the art process easier.


2.  Why doesn't my logo work for embroidery?

There are different guidelines that need to be followed for embroidery than there are for screen printing.  The best way to determine if your logo can get embroidered is to email us your file so we can look at it and figure out what will work.  Refer to our Art Guidelines page for any questions, or contact us and we would be more than happy to help you.


3.  Who can I contact to make the art process for my order go smoother?

Usually the longest stage of processing our orders is getting the art made and approved.  To make this process easier, sending us vector art that goes by our Art Guidelines will make the process easier to make changes where they need to be made and eliminate the need for us to have to recreate the art, saving more time to meet your due date.  If you had a graphic designer create your art and you don't have the files available to you, getting in contact with them to send you the art or having their number available for us to contact them will speed up the process of your order.  For any other questions, contact the Art Department or Sales for help.


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