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Welcome to Newton Screen Printing!



      Frank Newton Sr. and Frank Newton Jr. started Newton Screen Printing & Embroidery in 1979. In 1979 Frank Newton Sr. owned and operated a paper printing company and Frank Newton Jr. worked as a union carpenter full time and part time in his father’s print shop. The two decided to try and screen print on T-shirts. The first efforts consisted of a paper stencil on the back of a screen with nothing but the best Sherwin Williams paint money could buy, squeegeed through the screen onto a shirt. The shirt washed well, but was very uncomfortable to wear!

       At the same time the two Franks were learning all they didn’t know about screen-printing, enter another sibling: Paula. Paula was a teacher at the time, but found she didn't have the gift for teaching. She took a sales course and found out she liked selling! She was going to get a real job with a big company selling something, but she needed something to practice on in the meantime so why not T-shirts? This created a big problem: Paula was out selling for a company that didn’t yet exist! Thus in May of 1979, Newton Screen Printing and Embroidery was incorporated, Paula worked full time selling, Frank Jr. worked full time printing and Frank Sr. worked doing a variety of jobs like running to Orchard Street in New York City picking up blank T-shirts to print.

       We have come a long way since using paint on a shirt. We now offer more than just white or black T-shirts. We have hundreds of styles, and colors of T-shirts, Jackets, Sportshirts, Caps, Sweatshirts and you name it, “everything printable”. Early in our career (the first five years) we hand cut stencils with exacto knives sometimes taking hours per design. Now using the latest technologies this process can take minutes! We have grown from a small T-shirt shop to a multi-million dollar company offering a full range of promotional products. We can print a simple one-color design, or a complicated multi color photo. If you want beautiful embroidered golf shirts, we do top notch digitizing, which means your company logo will jump off the shirt.

       Whether you are looking for a T-shirt for summer staff, gift for your volunteer luncheon or to say Thank You to your good customers, Sportshirts or golf towels for your golf outing or an event memento for your family picnic (Frisbees or steins?), we can help. If you would like to discuss your upcoming project you can contact:

Paula at 1.800.T.SHIRTS ext. 12,
Frank at 1.800.T.SHIRTS ext. 22



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