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Branding Rules

Branding Your Name

Everyone wants there name and logo to be easily recognized.  We instantly recognize a United Parcel truck, or a Federal Express Truck.  How do we get the same response from our logo, our brand.  A few simple steps to remember.

 Keep it Simple

                Sometimes we spend too much time tweaking our logo, changing this or that.  The more elaborate you make your logo the more costly it is to reproduce over product lines.  If you have color gradation in your logo it may not translate well on a embroidered golf shirt.

 Keep it Relevant

                If your logo has a picture of a Big Mouth Bass jumping out of the water I will assume your company has something to do with fishing.  If your company focuses on IT, and you like to fish, buy a boat and keep the Bass out of your logo.


Recently a customer contacted us to buy shirts for his new landscape business.  This customer spent way too much time changing the logo we started with, analyzing what the shirt will look like down to a very fine detail. Weeks were spent back and forth with change after change to purchase 12 shirts.  His time would be better spent working on the core of his business which is landscaping, not modeling shirts.


Remember to keep your logo clean and to the point.  We have a Graphics department and we are more than happy to help develop a logo to use on all your marketing and promotional items we offer.


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